5ALPHA Apparel was launched in August 2019 by a teenager out of Eastern Pennsylvania. For years, Carina Chieffalo always used the phrase, “Do it better than the person before you”, to push herself to evolve as a person of character. It was a constant reminder that the only way to grow, as an individual, was to strive for more.

After several years of using the “Do It Better” motto, Carina felt its impact in every facet of her life. She evolved, became happier, and more open-minded. So, she set out to share that experience with the world and allow others to feel the same way. That is when 5ALPHA was born. 

“ALPHA”, which means: (Ambition, Leadership, Perseverance, Hard Work, and Action), are the core values that she and her team devote themselves to every day.  More than a clothing company, our goal is to be a companion… a daily reminder of what hard work and passion can do for you in return. A tool to approach life in a way that would make you the best and most fulfilled version of yourself.

We want to serve as a badge of honor that connects you with like-minded Hustlers around the world. Ultimately, we hope that our clothing can inspire the world to roll up their sleeves and do it the 5ALPHA way. 


Do It Better.