Getting fit without a gym is impossible, right?.. not quite.

Whether your budget doesn't allow for a gym membership, you're off traveling with no access to a gym, or you don't feel comfortable in that environment. There are still infinite ways to get fit and active!

Workouts without a gym can be a refreshing way to start exercise, get back into working out or train for your next competition.

It's important to remember 'getting fit' can be achieved in so many ways, from low-intensity exercise to weight training and high-intensity exercise routines. The requirement of a 'gym' isn't necessary to make progress and start working towards your goals.

Here are our favorite ways to get fit without a gym membership.


No matter the time of year, switch up your workout attire and take your HIIT game to the next level while enjoying the great outdoors...

Sprints are the usual go-to for HIIT, whether it be on a track or running up hills. You can also think outside the box, dust off your old bike, grab your skipping rope or take to the local swimming pool. You can also incorporate bodyweight exercises, or mix various exercises to create a HIIT circuit.

It's a great way to increase cardiovascular fitness, and if you're working towards your max effort, then you'll be recruiting a whole bunch of muscle fibers too!


The use of bodyweight exercises is underrated, usually because they're just too simple. Adding weight to absolutely everything isn't essential; in fact, workouts without equipment can be made just as challenging.

Bodyweight circuits are a great way to hit a full-body workout without weights, keeping your heart rate high and workout time short. If you find it easy, increase the time or reps you complete each exercise. Alternatively, you can shorten your rest times to make it more of a challenge.


Combine HIIT and bodyweight exercises for a workout to do at home.

Working out at home can offer higher levels of distraction, so be sure to switch off the TV and blast some music for an epic workout. If you want more tips on how to have a better workout at home you can read our 5 tips for a better home workout here.

Need some inspo for exercises without equipment? Check out Whitney Simmons at home full body workout video for a home workout without equipment!


Walking is a great way to increase your fitness and activity levels. From getting in a few extra steps on your lunch break to power walking to the bus or even scouring Mount Everest.

Walking isn't just a brilliant way to get active, but it's also a great social activity and allows you to see more of the world than watching it pass by your car window.


One of the most popular activities in the world, with over 60 million people in the US participating in 2017.

Running is a great way to start developing your fitness, progressing from walking. Minimal equipment is needed, and you can determine the speed and distance you run. Apps that track your runs can also make for a little analysis, and you can check out your route.

So, grab your sneakers and hit the sidewalk!


If you're amongst the small percentile of the population who live near an outdoor gym, it's time you make use of it!

With iconic locations such as Bondi Beach in Sydney and the Charles River Esplanade in Boston, it's easy to ignore the outdoor rigs set up in local parks. But, you'll get just as good a workout, minus the view.

Outdoor gyms are created with all abilities in mind, with a variation of equipment providing the opportunity to take bodyweight exercises to the next level.

You can even take resistance bands with you to increase the number of exercises and muscle groups you can target!


Taking part in sport is a great way to exercise, without having to overthink about exercising...

With the increase of physical fitness being a by-product of participating in sport, your mind will be on the skill-based challenge and less on the fitness aspect. You'll continue to learn and improve your skillset along with the increased social inclusion that comes with playing recreational sports.

Check out what's going on in your community and get involved.


Do It Better. 

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